Protect Your Vessel

Water Treatment Solutions

Advanced Technology by Hydropath

Protect Your Vessel

Water Treatment Solutions

Advanced Technology by Hydropath

Hydropath Marine Ltd

Hydropath Marine Ltd. was established to introduce the shipping industry with an advanced and long established water treatment technology by Hydropath, which for the last three decades provides worldwide land based industries with water treatment solutions. Hydropath Marine Ltd offers low maintenance costs and environmentally friendly solutions for water treatment on board, in comparison with the existing solutions, which are essentially based on chemical treatment and at times involve intensive labor and man hours for cleaning.

As an alternative, applying Hydropath Marine Ltd systems, designed for purpose, will protect your vessel from limescale accumulation and biofouling, saving the ship owner substantial costs for chemicals and labor, whilst protecting the crew members from exposure to noxious chemicals, let alone the fact that it will hinder the penetration of pungent materials into the marine environment.

Hydropath Marine Technology Treats

Popular Applications







Hydropath Marine Systems Benefits

Improves efficiency

Reduces maintenance

Improves vessel’s readiness

Environmentally friendly

Without Chemicals

Easy “add on” installation

Negligible energy consumption

No dismantling of pipes

Vessels Owner, This Technology Made For You

Hydropath Marine founders strive to give you the best and most economical solutions for the multiple water treatment problems, you are and may be faced with on board your vessels. This has been made affordable by applying the most advanced patented and cutting edge technology, which among others, is also environmental friendly

Based on the renowned technology and the worldwide distribution network of the products of Hydropath Technology, Hydropath Marine systems were perfectly and suitably designed for the marine applications, to provide you with a cost-effective and maintenance free solution, for most of your water treatment issues on board your vessels.

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